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Treasure hunt

Simple rules:

You need to collect all five chests spread across Fancy Sandbox island or website if you rather like that! Collect them all and get to a secret message. As in every treasure hunt, there is always a pretty good reward. So get ready treasure hunters! To begin with, we will give one chest in advance see the chest below! A little pro tip before you start: You maybe want to take a picture or write down what you find! As well goes for the map, we don’t want lost people on the island! So please tap the map, to get it into another window. Well! That being said, good luck! 

Treasure Map

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You may think, why call a clothing brand Fancy Sandbox. It could easily have been Fancy clothing or something else instead.


Meaning: Smart, Morderne and sometimes complicated


Meaning: Playground for kids to be creative but in computer language a testing ground for new software

But it ain't just to create cloth, it's about telling a story through animation. Our goal is to tell a story, how our shirts are originated. Check them out here or learn more:

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Are you a super star, that likes to celebrate Christmas earlier than December?

Watch out ! Someone is alongside us

We got inspired by a game called Among us, to create a design which shows one Astronaut has been demolished by one or more of the remaining  8 astronauts. Who is the impostors and who did it? So watch out! Someone is alongside us…

About Fancy Sandbox

Let’s begin with the all-around man. Hey, my name is Kasper Knudsen, coming from a small town named Lojt Kirkeby. You should visit it if you like nature and a relaxed town. Advertising my hometown check!

o who am I? I’m just a kid with some dreams I want to make a reality! After graduating from high school last year. I decided to follow up on my four-year plan to become a top 100 tennis player in Denmark. The first three years were in high school, the last one working on my tennis game. The short answer is. My plan got executed and achieved in Sommers. Which was kinda crazy cause of all the restrictions and lesser opportunities to make points. Without talking more about my tennis journey that year. Let’s talk about Fancy Sandbox. It all started in between training sections and trainer jobs.

I always wanted to create shirts. My first home-printed shirt was produced in Word: Copy-pasting, and cutting images, so it looked like a monkey professor with 3d glasses. How cool that looked! That was back in 2013. 

Some years later, the idea of creating/designing t-shirt and cloth came first in 2019 at Christmas time. I Designed a beer shirt for my dad. Something got stuck with me. So I researched and found out. You only need time to create, design, setup, and promote to make money from it, which will be an enormous bonus!

And luck is needed too. But if you can creating something original and place it in front of the right people. You’re good to go! So Let’s design some apparel, and make them into some animations, give them a musical beat, like a true story. That is why some of the designs have an animation about them, to make them stand out. The funny thing is. Create animations and music beats. Are both dreams coming true, just like designing on apparel and other things.

All around man

You may think, what is up this the hair. Lucky for you. There is a story. I should have been on a tennis tour in Hungary, but because only a few signed up. It got canceled. Luckily it got canceled. Otherwise, we will maybe have encountered corona. But as we didn’t go to the warm weather. No need for a fresh haircut so it could grow. It was at the same time as the beginning of Fancy Sandbox.

“Now is the best time to create it all!”